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​​Commercial Pilot Services


  • Commercial Contract Pilot
  • Ferry Flights
  • Pre-buy inspection assistance
  • Aircraft Management
  • Medevac
  • ​Photography 
  • Powerline / Pipeline Patrol​
  • Search & Rescue, etc.​
  • ​Substitute / On-call Pilot 


​​​Flight Instruction

One on one, personalized flight training.

​(Professional and discreet)


Private Pilot License

  • Live the dream, earn your wings.

Instrument Rating

  • Take your Pilot certificate to the next level and fly in any weather.
  • Even if you are a fair weather pilot, an Instrument rating makes you a much better pilot and drastically lowers your insurance premiums.

Guided Instrument Rating Course​ 

  • Do your entire course, including hood time-building, with a CFII. Obtain real world experience filing actual IFR flight plans and flying in real weather. You will gain so much real world experience that you will ace your Instrument check-ride and become a confident instrument pilot.

Multi Engine Rating

  • Add a multi-engine rating to your pilot certificate.
  • Fly aircraft with more than one engine. ​
  • A necessary step in a Pilot's career.

Commercial Pilot License

  • Turn your dream of flying into a lucrative career.

Airline Transport Pilot

  • Earn the highest level pilot certificate and fly for an Air Carrier.

Complex and High Performance Endorsement

  • Learn to fly complex and high performance aircraft.

Flight Review​ (BFR)

  • Minimum 1 Hour Ground Instruction and 1 hour of Dual Flight Instruction as required every 24 calendar months per FAR 61.56.​ May require more time if rusty.

Advanced Flight Review​

  • Custom Ground & Flight Instruction for your specific needs.
  • Dual instruction as required by your insurance company.
  • Emergency procedures.
  • Communications.
  • Rusty? I can help you get back in the game.

Basic Instrument Proficiency Check​ (IPC) Currency / Refresher

  • Ground review and briefing followed by performing the minimum flying requirements needed to maintain or regain currency as per FAR 61.57.

​​            (Typically completed in under 3 Hours.)

Advanced 5-Hour "IFR Workout" - (IPC) Currency / Refresher

  • Ground review and briefing followed by fast paced Instrument work. Intercepting & tracking VOR's, holds, and at least 6 different approaches at 6 different airports. 


Advanced 8-Hour "IFR Cross Country Pro-Workout"

  • Advanced version of the 5-Hour IFR Workout. (Great check ride prep)

Oral & Check Ride Prep

  • Mock oral and check ride with evaluation debriefing, then work on any deficiencies.

Co-Pilot / Safety Pilot 

  • Need to fly somewhere, and would like an experienced CFII as a co-pilot? 
  • Would you like to practice your instrument skills in actual IMC? 
  • ​Lost your medical?

Night Operations

  • Learn how to fly safely at night. Regain your night currency.

Ground Instruction

  • One on one personal ground instruction.


  • (Tell me what you have in mind)​